Power of Motivation


I think I can! I think I can! we all remember the the little engine that could. We all wish we had the motivation to get an get things done. The power to focus beyond the distractions an push out beyond ourselves. Well we can! The secret is motivation.

We must find what pushes us forward, what makes us tick an what is our end goal. Every day when I know I have a long tough day ahead of me I watch a whole series of motivational videos. These videos I have embedded into my subconscious, so when I think I can’t I can hear them pushing me forward. They challenge me to move past me.

Do they work you may ask. Well think back to the greatest leaders of all times, people who motivated with words. People who can stir your heart to move on to do seemingly impossible things. Soldiers use motivation to take the hill, artist use it to finish off the major project that will one day change their life. People who do great things are motivated by things that they keep close within. Motivation is indeed a powerful tool. For some it’s when their back is against the wall an there is nowhere to go. I consider that forced motivation.

What motivates you to write on your blog? What pushes you through your day? What gives you the power to think beyond an do what is impossible? I really cherish motivation because without it I could accomplish nothing. Without proper motivation you are doomed to fail.


Complications need demonstrations


Is it because I’m ugly? Is it because I’m shy? Maybe it’s because I’m to nice! None of these are correct, it’s because I don’t ask. I am beginning to see why I finish last in the dating game. After doing some reading an self searching I found that I was ruining my own chances. How is it that I am so successful at life, but suck with women? Well it started with my own way of thinking.

I am currently 25 years old and have never been in a relationship. I have however been on one date. As a child I grew up in a big family.  I quickly adopted the watch an learn method to reduce my chances of making a mistake. An that was my biggest mistake! I was so busy watching a learning that I wasn’t experiencing set backs or things that would help to develop my life. Granted learning without mistakes is a good thing, but I have learned that in the game of life you have to take risks. My lack of risk taking is what hinders me daily. I have been completely unwilling to take the risk of asking a woman out if I wasn’t completely sure I would be successful. An this is the driving force behind my problems.

For years I blamed it on being a nice guy so women never notice me. I blamed my looks until other women told me otherwise. I blamed women for their indecisiveness an having no idea what they wanted in a man. That still rings true in so many cases. I blamed my confidence an a whole host of other mental an physical issues I could conjure in my head.

After reading the book I found that not only was my lack of taking risk hurting me, but all my insecurities were showing right on my face an my body language. I learned that even though I have confidence I didn’t know how to show it. I couldn’t show women that I was a valuable asset for their life. An the greatest of all evils I never asked them out. I read that I have a 100% chance of failing if I never tried. Wow! Talking about an mind blowing, eye opening experience. So I am a good person an could have been experiencing success all this time if I had only tried.

Lots of people laughed at me for reading the book an told me to simply be myself, but they were wrong. Being “myself” is not adequate enough to get what your looking for. I had to change the way I presented myself. I had to come up with ways to change the packaging on an old concept. I had to not find myself, but create the man I wanted to be. I had to turn off my watching an waiting though patterns an start taking risks. An now I am confident that nice guys packaged an marketed correctly don’t finish last.

Walking Away

The closer I get

The farther I seem

The thoughts in my head

What the hell do they mean

green pastures I chased

My past I erased

Erased from memory

Erased because they swallow

Drown me, Down me, Surround me

Inside out they eat me

I cant figure out what they mean to me

I hope for someone to believe me

save me from myself, this whirlpool

but this all old news,

I turn an walk

away from me

away from the past that never seems to leave me

it sticks like glue, what am I to do

what direction to take, new mistakes I do make

I have lost all faith


alone in my room

crowded in my mind, I stare hard but am I missing the signs

I wanted you needed you

to clear my head to make sense of all that I dread.

But I walk away

from this thing you called love

This feeling of want that flew away like the African morning dove

beautiful face cold in heart you plunged me even deeper into my own locked away heart

So I walked away

forever never to look back

locked away my heart turned off my belief and awoke from my dreams

You say what does all this mean

I walked towards the path I can’t yet see

all I know is you are no longer part  of me.


Unseeing Eyes

What do u see when u look into my eyes? When u watch me smile? What does my laugh tell you? Do you see joy or the hidden pain? The unforgivably of myself for all my faults? Can u read my guilt? Can you see the beast lurking within? If you can’t then how are you my friend? Why do I talk to you? What did you offer me to make this exception to the rule? Why am I so full of hate? Why does the one thing that can soothe it elude me? Where do I aim this passion, release this rage channel this hate? when can I rest forever lay down and rest? that’s all I  want is to rest no thoughts or feelings. Peaceful, painless release. Just the thought brings me peace. I want to see clearly again. It hurts for a second but the result, the result  is worth it.

Must Write Now!

I am a idea machine! Explosions, love, hate, suppression, dedication are all words used to describe my thinking. At every moment of the day there are thousands of stories running through my head. Blasting down the walls of my sanity an seeping into the depths of my soul. The problem is one idea breeds another, an another. This continues forever, an I can’t seem to focus on one at a time. When I close my eyes I can see them there spawning an  recreating, evolving an ruining my life. So I made this blog with the intention of clearing out every tiny idea when it comes before it gets the chance to breed an expand.

There are novels I would like to write, but when I start one another one pops up. There are screenplays that I think people would love to see, but I can’t seem to focus on that either. There is a million things I would love to try, but they come and fade away as more thoughts occur. Somehow I have to get this insanity to stop. I have to get it all out of my head!

Behind the meaning

People frown when I say, I would rather pay hooker than waste time trying to get some one to sleep with me. After research I noticed that the time I spend finding an courting a “normal” woman to get to the same ends. Is better spent working at a job to get the money to hire the hooker. In the end if having sex is meaningless until you find the “one”, then why waste the time and money. You may think this is a little over the top, truth is you will met someone who has no obligation to you. You will then spend countless hours trying to “court” her. You will finally convince her to go on a date, then maybe a second date, before you even get to first or second. At this point the hooker would have purchased, completed her service an you walk away a happy man free to think about what ever you please. I bet people think this is appalling, I consider it good logic an saves money an energy. This is especially effective if you don’t plan to get married to later in life.


The ‘one’ might be out there and if you wait till later in life you might miss her! Well I guess she isn’t the one is she?


The life of a man is spent fishing. We are constantly casting our lines into open waters trying to catch a fish. Some of us are born great fishermen an are extremely successful at it. While some just put a earth worm on the line an hope for the best. The lake’s water is deep and packed with fish. We can see them swimming past or bait. Some stop for a nibble, while others slowly suck the worm right off. As fishermen you are conditioned to think that fish get tired of the same old bait, but isn’t true. Fish prefer the big flashy lures that they chase through the pond. They chase an chase until they get hooked, but the bait that just dangles there gets eaten an the fisherman has to reel it in an re-bait. So in a lake with so many fish an so many fishing lines, it’s not uncommon for fishermen to just stop casting the line in. Hoping that one day the fish will find him. While this is highly unlikely it’s been rumored to happen. With such low odds of catching what you was fishing for if you aren’t a natural, what is he to do? Well I have resorted to casting multiple lines at once. Hoping this will increase my odds by a decent margin. So while my lines sink deep into the lake, I will sit an read a good book and enjoy the waiting part of life. After all that is all I have, the wait.

Wake up!



What? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Donald M on Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 4:44pm ·

I think war and conflict opens our eyes to things and the truth. Americans are sleep to whats around them because we have this massive security blanket. It will take alot to wake them up. It angers me most t…hat so few know the sacrifice that ppl make to keep this country safe husbands with out wives and vise versa families tore apart its insane what is asked and what is repaid. I once heard a chick say that we have it easy because we have the GI bill I laughed in her face and told her what we have to do to get the GI Bill or when u mention the word IED and no one knows what u are talking about. I don’t want any notoriety from serving I do however want people to be aware of the world they live in and get their head out of their asses. Dude the state of America is horrible a bunch of fat ignorant vain kids that will someday attempt to run this nation. I shed tears for what I see. Ignorantly bliss America I love my country but we need to tighten things up before its to late.