Auto-Correct Error in Text Message Leads to School Lockdown

Awesome autocorrect strikes again


Damn You Auto Correct, the popular website dedicated to misspellings, wrong words, and humiliating smart phone-corrected typos, may need to set up a Hall of Fame for one Georgia teen. The high-school student accidentally shut his school down and blamed auto-correct and a wrong number for the mishap.

According to the Gainesville Times, a series of unfortunate phone-related events landed a Georgia teen in the hot seat after he failed to review a text message before sending it. The West Hall student meant to type “gunna be at west hall today,” but his phone’s automatic spelling correction changed “gunna” to “gunman.” Compounding the error, the student then sent the text message to a wrong number.

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The recipient of the message was understandably alarmed by the content of the text and alerted the police. The police did not take…

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