It never fails

So I have been told a lot of lies in my day. Most of these lies are from the lips of women. I find it funny that when you call a woman’s bluff she only proceeds to lie even more. In this case lets say a woman says I want to focus on my career, an don’t want a boyfriend. Well to call this bluff you say well I have heard that line from other women, she will proceed to deepen the lie, or even go on the attack. My personal favorite I’m not like other women… Chances are she is probably a carbon copy of other women. I guess in today’s society that is not considered a lie right? I mean personally it sound like one to me. By what means do women justify these lies? Keep in mind I speak from experience, actually its twice in this last three or four month period that I’ve heard this exact line. So I have decided the next time I hear any kind of lie from a woman or bluff I will just expose it.. An to the women who happen to fit this shoe well I guess when I tell every woman I met I’m a virgin I am justified by your actions. Just stop the lying, however I know old habits die hard, you should work on that before you die old an alone.


2 thoughts on “It never fails

  1. I have come to realize that lying is easier. I hear you on this post–lies aren’t good, but I tried the honesty route… it got me NO WHERE except out of breath from talking so much.

    Old me would say: “I want to focus on my career–I don’t want a boyfriend”
    Honest me: “I would love to have a career and a boyfriend at the same time, but quite frankly all the men I meet are too selfish and self-absorbed that giving them all of my energy is ruining my chances at a flourishing career and healthy relationship, so thanks but no thanks”
    That then leads men to tell the same lie as women..”I am different then other guys…”

    That is so LONG! Lying is fast and simple. Straight to the point, no need for more discussion–if you tell a GOOD lie, you can move on.

    Just my opinion!


    • Well its pretty rare for a woman to be approaching a man, or a man fending off a woman’s advances. I don’t know I can’t really understand why a woman can’t say no I’m not interested in you, saves much more time!! an energy. Granted some guy may call you a bitch or something like that, but at the end of the day you didn’t lie an lead someone on. Well let me explain. Women like to test men so word an phrases have different meanings. I have tested this theory, for example the first woman who told me this I decided it must mean I have a shot but I’m doing something wrong so I decided to take it slow. I was wrong within maybe 3 weeks to a month of her telling me this she got a new boyfriend. Second one I decided I was just gonna elevate my efforts. Wrong again same thing occurs she to gets a boyfriend with a month of telling me this. Oh an both woman assured me that wasn’t like other women. Turns out they where exactly the same. Unless your just flirting then its all fair game. Save us the time an effort by being honest. 9 times out of 10 the man will misread the message, then you will indeed look dishonest.

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