The beat down man

I know a lot of men myself included, that are tired. I know a lot of good men that don’t seem to have a fighting chance. I am like that, at some point I guess I lost my sense of respect for the opposite sex. I have stood by an watched as good men are shot down for one terrible reason, they are to nice. I don’t get it really. but then again I do. We as humans claim to be evolved but I guess the way a woman picks her mate is no different than a lioness on the safari. So what the solution must be to walk around like a alpha lion roaring at the top of your lungs as the lionesses rush in to surrender to your ultra manliness. Do we just attempt to kill off the competition?  I know these men that don’t roar go unseen or end up getting used. Most have just given up on the hunt, an accepted surrender. Wait an this is where a woman says, We don’t want a man that quits that easy! Well how much should he have to try before utter defeat slaps him to the ground! Before just looking at women scares him? Are women to blame? Are their indecisiveness the root of this problem. I tell women, hey I want to change myself to be more attractive to women. They normally say be yourself.. Well that obviously don’t work, if it did we wouldn’t be single now. I have learned that taking a woman’s advice is like asking a normal four year whats the full answer to pie. They have no idea, they have no idea what they want in a man. You could ask them an they will tell you, you could do what shes looking for to a science an she still will make up an excuse for why she can’t date you. I find that the situation seems hopeless and the stress is far past the worth.


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