We stood hand an hand eyes locked in a loving embrace. A cold wind stings my cheek as I stare down into her icy blue eyes. I gently smile as the calming sounds of the night brace us. I can see my hopes an dreams, my love an passion in her soul. Her eyes search deep into the depths of my mind. I feel a flutter in my heart an she shivers slightly from the cold. I slowly raise my hand to feel the softness of her cheeks. As my hand touch her face, her soft peach like skin begins to harden an slowly blacken before my eyes. Her gaze never leaves me, the flutter in my heart starts to burn. Her faces continues to melt away an her body dissolves to ash. The cold wind howls in an wisps her away. As the last of her floats away a smile forms on her lips. I am left staring at what I thought to be my only desire in this world. I hear a laugh from deep within my soul, an the same laugh floats on the wind. I hear a voice riding low upon the wind it speaks.. Love is an illusion, impossible to touch an even harder to feel, when u think you found it an have in ur grasp, its only for a moment because it soon will disappear….


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