Tears of the Past


Run down my cheek, Blood pours out my heart

Mind dormant brain in shock, My nervous system quakes

From deep slumber I awake.

Tears of blood, leaves trails of stains of blood shed in vain

Inside I creak, like a rusty door I squeak. reek,

reek of desolation in my mind a burning sensation, truth is awakened

the wrong path I have taken, my choices were mistaken,

most importantly my trust was misplaced.

Tears of Pain inside I feel shame.. I have forsaken,

My claim to life drifts away, I stare on in spite with nothing left to say.

That I ignored, has ripped my soul, torn me from sleep, the holes in my spirit do leak

Leak Tears, Tears of anger, hate an remorse. I have only one choice, to stay this course. My eyes are open, vision clouded. The blood stained trails flow to my soul, Now is the time to break this mold…


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