The life of a man is spent fishing. We are constantly casting our lines into open waters trying to catch a fish. Some of us are born great fishermen an are extremely successful at it. While some just put a earth worm on the line an hope for the best. The lake’s water is deep and packed with fish. We can see them swimming past or bait. Some stop for a nibble, while others slowly suck the worm right off. As fishermen you are conditioned to think that fish get tired of the same old bait, but isn’t true. Fish prefer the big flashy lures that they chase through the pond. They chase an chase until they get hooked, but the bait that just dangles there gets eaten an the fisherman has to reel it in an re-bait. So in a lake with so many fish an so many fishing lines, it’s not uncommon for fishermen to just stop casting the line in. Hoping that one day the fish will find him. While this is highly unlikely it’s been rumored to happen. With such low odds of catching what you was fishing for if you aren’t a natural, what is he to do? Well I have resorted to casting multiple lines at once. Hoping this will increase my odds by a decent margin. So while my lines sink deep into the lake, I will sit an read a good book and enjoy the waiting part of life. After all that is all I have, the wait.


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