Behind the meaning

People frown when I say, I would rather pay hooker than waste time trying to get some one to sleep with me. After research I noticed that the time I spend finding an courting a “normal” woman to get to the same ends. Is better spent working at a job to get the money to hire the hooker. In the end if having sex is meaningless until you find the “one”, then why waste the time and money. You may think this is a little over the top, truth is you will met someone who has no obligation to you. You will then spend countless hours trying to “court” her. You will finally convince her to go on a date, then maybe a second date, before you even get to first or second. At this point the hooker would have purchased, completed her service an you walk away a happy man free to think about what ever you please. I bet people think this is appalling, I consider it good logic an saves money an energy. This is especially effective if you don’t plan to get married to later in life.


The ‘one’ might be out there and if you wait till later in life you might miss her! Well I guess she isn’t the one is she?


6 thoughts on “Behind the meaning

  1. In a certain light, even ‘the one’ is more expensive that the most expensive hooker. If it is just sex you’re after, have a good time, but it could be that dating is not so logical as equating it to just sex. It could be that the relationships that you go through will help you find more out about yourself in the process.

    • Yes I understand were you are coming from with this. An yes there is more to dating than sex. I would say if you want to get to know more about yourself its probably cheaper an less painful to do that alone than involving another human. Because then you create people who gets hurt because you weren’t quite sure of yourself. Personally my policy is not getting to know myself because that is impossible. I strive to create the person I want to be on a daily basis.

  2. I’m female and I agree with your logic. I’m single and my issue is if I go round dating just for sex ( lets face it we females have needs too ) I will eventually get a bad reputation. So a male hooker sounds blooming perfect. Less hassle straight to the point and complete privacy. He won’t bad mouth me or spread gossip when I don’t want to commit or see him again.

    I don’t want a relationship and am not interested in one so your idea is perfect.

    Only problem for me is it would work out more expensive because if I was dating my date would pay for everything 😉

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