Walking Away

The closer I get

The farther I seem

The thoughts in my head

What the hell do they mean

green pastures I chased

My past I erased

Erased from memory

Erased because they swallow

Drown me, Down me, Surround me

Inside out they eat me

I cant figure out what they mean to me

I hope for someone to believe me

save me from myself, this whirlpool

but this all old news,

I turn an walk

away from me

away from the past that never seems to leave me

it sticks like glue, what am I to do

what direction to take, new mistakes I do make

I have lost all faith


alone in my room

crowded in my mind, I stare hard but am I missing the signs

I wanted you needed you

to clear my head to make sense of all that I dread.

But I walk away

from this thing you called love

This feeling of want that flew away like the African morning dove

beautiful face cold in heart you plunged me even deeper into my own locked away heart

So I walked away

forever never to look back

locked away my heart turned off my belief and awoke from my dreams

You say what does all this mean

I walked towards the path I can’t yet see

all I know is you are no longer part  of me.



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