Cake for Women

You know we can always be good friends an I don’t want that to change.  The most dreaded line a man has to hear in his lifetime, besides No I won’t marry you. If you haven’t guessed I’m talking about the friend zone. The zone of dreams of false hope, the zone of no return. The friend zone is the equivalent of a woman getting her cake an eating it too. My experience with the friend zone is extensive. I once believed that if I show her how good of a friend I was then she would soon fall for me an want more. I was wrong, instead I was a tissue an shoulder to cry on. I was a clown when she needed to be cheered up, an also the study buddy at 3am in the morning. Do I regret all that I did in the friend zone in false hope of becoming more than friends? YES, every second was wasted time an energy. It was time I could have been spending finding some one who actually wanted more than just a lackey from me.

What surprises me the most is that women are oblivious to the friend zone. They seem to think that its okay to use someone to that capacity, even though they know they man has feeling for them. How do they justify this behavior? Well it’s such a good thing why pass on the chance to have your own personal slave. Personally I think it’s evil an selfish, but that is a humans nature. Take what you can an give nothing back if you can avoid it.

My conclusion is this, a plea to my fellow men. Get out of the friend zone and live your life. Help your friends to see the truth of their plight an move on. I will say this to women if you think you are in a mans friend zone you too should either tell him how you feel an if he don’t feel the same way then move on. We should all stop being selfish and wasting time, an move on to someone better!


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