Love, Excuses & Confusion

Well since you don’t know much about me, an I don’t know much about you maybe we should go out? She leans in making direct eye contact.”So since we don’t know much about each other we should go out?” No, no not like a date, like lunch or something”‘ She leans away looks slightly away an says “Maybe if I didn’t work all  the time.

You just witnessed my awkward moment when attempting to ask out a woman I find interesting. So what did I do after that? Nothing, I walked away prepared to feel awkward for the rest of my time at the job, at least until she forgot I failed at asking her out. While I still felt pretty bad, she still smiled at me an spoke to me when ever I was around. I felt she was just trying to console me for my failure to man up properly.

I took her answer as a no, which became my policy after I was accused of over pursuing those I was interested in. Anything other than yes is no in my book now. I hate to walk away from someone I have so much in common with, at least from the few things we actually talked about. I hate to give up an feel that I should just clarify my rejection better for closure purposes. I of course did not act on this though/feeling.

Today I saw her an all seemed normal, I felt that I should speak to her to test the water. I walked up an asked her a question in which she responded in her normal playful manner. Adding at the end that she really enjoys playing with me. That only plunged me deeper into confusion an anguish! I walked away never to say another word to her for the rest of the day.

This woman I labeled a good girl, focused and mature. Sweet an cute, funny an intelligent everything you could want in a woman. When she smiles at me I can’t help but smile back no matter how I feel. I’m lost and confused. If at first I don’t succeed try, try again? Maybe not so good when dealing with women.  😦


2 thoughts on “Love, Excuses & Confusion

  1. Maybe she has a rule of saying no first to see if you ask her again and then she knows you are really interested? Some women like being persued. Or maybe she was shy or nervous? Maybe she was just trying to get some banter going? It’s difficult with people you work with because if you come on to strong it can get you in trouble. Is there any chance you can get her to go out as a group for after work drinks? Maybe she would be more comfortable in a non-work setting?

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