A very honesty question that we should all ask an know the answer too.

Living Life Fully

My dad said I had to be a good friend to have any friends. So I have been, but where did they all go–the male friends, that is?

Is it possible for a boy and girl to be “just friends?” Such a question. So often asked. Controversial. Boys tend to say “no,” girls tend to say “yes.” In theory it’s certainly possible, but I’m beginning to see the reality that it doesn’t often happen, or maybe I just don’t know how to do it with my life.

I try making friends with young men. I don’t make friends with them because they’re male or because I simply want a friend, but because we honestly have similar interests and I’d love to know them. I befriend them with no intention of flirting or even dating them down the road, but time and time again . . . and again they leave…

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