Online Crash & Burn

Hmm to cute to be real, hmm she looks normal maybe there’s a chance. This was my thought when I was into online dating. I patiently read through all the profiles that interested me an sent intelligent interesting messages to each one. Then waited patiently for a reply, few days go by an nothing so I figure maybe they haven’t been online. I take the time to upgrade my account to see if the person has read my message. Yep they read it I guess they wasn’t interested in me, so I moved on to check out more profiles. Oh this one looks good “Ready to try something new” is how the profile read. This one will surely be willing to at least reply, once again I was wrong. So I tried the match system, hmm wow we are a perfect match! Wait, she don’t date black guys, how is that not a deal breaker? I guess I should upload more pictures an pay to get a writer to fix my profile better. I tried this still nothing worked for me. I soon realized that this was going to be tough. I spent all night churning out letters to women, rating their profiles an answering dating questions on the site. Nothing happened, so after a few weeks I begin to question whether I was good looking enough, maybe this was the source of my problem. Every non reply was a small rejection in which I had no idea why. So there I sat in front of my computer discouraged at what had transpired of the last 6months of no replies. I decided to step away from online dating but I would leave up my profile for a year hoping that some one would like what they see an message me. This never happened once.

After a year I decided to try the new free online sites I had heard about, but had the same results. Being the geek that I am I turned to google. I googled to find how to be more successful in online dating and found a one liner guaranteed to get women to respond. I went online and tried the line copy pasted to as many profiles as I could. Within minutes I was getting replies more replies than I could respond too, so I tried to keep up. Then I realized that women were responding to something completely fake. This baffled me an I decided to just leave it alone an quit online dating all together.


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