The Eternal Waves

It won’t hurt me, it’s not my problem. These are the things we often tell ourselves when making decisions. We justify our decisions by selfish means with very limited thought on the overall outcome. How do we fix this you may ask. Communication, and respect for our other people. Why need to communicate why we are making a decision. We both men and women come in contact with each other an at time treat each other badly. Women lie or speak “womanese” about their intentions or desires. Men try to evolve to have a fighting chance at getting women. With  each interaction we take what happens with us an past that on to the next person we encounter. These interactions make the eternal waves start to flow. When we have bad break ups, cheat on our husband or wives or just plain treat people poorly we affect them an the in-turn affect everyone else.

I said all that to say this, just like a smile is infectious and spreads to people around you, so are your actions. Please beware of the people you hurt because they will only go off to hurt others keeping the eternal waves moving, shaping the shores of our life an those of complete strangers. Don’t let selfishness be the shores our children land on in our future. Spread the love people not hate. Treat people how you want to be treated now an in the future.


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