The Moment

These are the moments I knew that I was different.

When I convinced my middle school teacher to buy me a gigapet for Christmas

When I won Accelerated Reader and Presidential physical fitness award in the same year.

When in detention in the back of an honors class I raised my hand when none of the honor students knew the answer.

When I was asked for candy during class I decided to start a business by selling candy.

When me an my best friend Dressed as General Grant an he as General Lee for our Civil War presentation.

When I was removed from remediation class an put in all honor classes.

When I found out that my parents was coming to see my teacher in a few weeks an churned out 20 poems on which all I got A on.

When I sat on the plane as I was getting shot at an felt no fear.

These are some of the moments in my life which made me realize I was different.

What makes you different?


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