Bent, Not Broken - My Life Well-Lived

There is a popular saying among many of my girlfriends these days.

“Women are crazy because men are stupid.”

Sorry guys…but, this makes me chuckle just a bit.

Enlightenment and understanding about the opposite sex is an age old quest that I doubt will ever be conquered by either side. My male friends complain about women – we’re too emotional, tend to overreact, jump to conclusions, want to talk all the time about their relationship…; they just don’t get us. On this side, I often hear about men not being romantic enough, ruled by logic – they aren’t sensitive to women’s needs, don’t want to communicate; so basically, we don’t get men either. I had a girlfriend exclaim to me the other day…”You know, if they would just think like us and do things OUR way, this wouldn’t be so complicated.”

Hmmm, is it really that simple? That may sound…

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