The Weirdly Wired World

Bitch please!

That list Is definitely a friend-zone list.

If you want to get a girl you should follow these simple steps.

1- Ask her best friend out.

2- Cheat on her best friend with her sister.

3- Then ask her out, but tell her she’s special.

4- Come to the date late, then when she gets upset, slap her across the face and tell her she’s a ugly dog and leave.

5- Cheat on her with her (now) ex-best friend.

6- Tell her you are sorry and you will never cheat on her again.

7- (This step is very important) Cheat on her with her sister, if she does not have a sister, her new best friend will do.

8- Tell her you cheated because she is too fat to look at. Then spit on her.

9- Tell her you will only get back together with her if she…

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