This will be a quicky. Over the last month I have been interested in four women at the same time, which is new to me. Over the last few day things have taken a massive turn. One of the ladies is a single mom who was hurt in a relationship an told me I would make a perfect boyfriend. I told her that she could do much better than me, but that hasn’t stopped her pursuit. The other young lady I met on a film set an we talked off an on, she agreed to go with me to a  movie on May 4th so I am fairly content there. The next is a sexual monster! She just got out of an relationship an wants to use me as her rebound. (which I am fine with) I have to admitted I am intimidated by the amount of aggression that shows in getting me into her bed. Lastly is the sweet girl at work, the one that smile an freezes my life an causes my heart to race. I have approached her a few times and get no rejection or acceptance. SO she has become my challenge, an now I find myself guilty of the very thing I accuse women of. Going after the hard points is exciting, when you have women throwing themselves at you, but on the inside your a nice guy it makes some interesting internal battles.


3 thoughts on “Gulity!

  1. This is where men and women differ so greatly. How in the world are you interested in FOUR different women at the same time? When I am interested in a man, my focus is on him and other men are a lot less appealing in comparison; not because the man I like is perfect but because I have built him up to be so wonderful in my mind that everyone else can’t measure up. I hear this a lot from my friends as well. In reference to your situation, I would say drop everyone and focus on the girl from work, because she’s the only one you referred to with any sentiment. In the end, the sweet girls are the ones you take home to mom. ~Aria

    • Not true.. I actually learned this from talking to women and reading their blogs. Experience has taught me that if you focus on one woman it never works out because of all the energy you bring. To much focus can overwhelm an chase a woman away. Women are kinda like birds, you ca watch an feed them, but as soon as you get up to chase them they fly away. This is how I have always experienced it. It is also typical for women to see many different men at the same time, which I have also witnessed first hand. Also building someone up in your mind will only leave you disappointed if they don’t deliver. Truth is I was once a one woman chaser an it has never gotten me anything but burned.

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