Game? or Luck?

Is the world really coming together for me, or is this just a streak of good luck? In the post Guilty I introduced my many love interests to my bloggers. Well a quick update an my thoughts are in order. This weekend took a dramatic turn on me. With one inviting me over to “cuddle” an another telling me she dreamed about me. What am I to do, I don’t want them bout to get serious about me, but also neither are concrete. The cuddle monster just wants to be friends with benefits, which I can dig. She then starts talking about how she wants me to meet her friends an her parents. The other makes dates with me an blow me off, which would affect me more if my eggs weren’t in so many baskets. I haven’t really spoken to the single mom an the cute brown eyed girl that melts my heart with her smile agreed to go to the movies with me, with no hesitation. So now here I stand at a four way looking down each road. Thinking, wondering which would serve me best. There are moments coming in my life that will test them all. With all of this woman madness I still keep looking for more. No I have told no one I love them.


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