Good Conversation

Why is it that I can’t have just a good conversation with a woman without it looking like I want more? I am the type of guy who loves to chat, I look for maturity in these conversations. I look for a passion or desire for knowledge in her. In order to get to this conversation I must ask her out.

I must learn to just let go, while looks attract me its the brain that drives me crazy. When she gives an excuse I should just move on. I waste to much time an energy on lost causes. Every time my energy goes into the wrong person I slip a tad more into depression. However this will not stop me. I will move on faster an see the signs clearer.

Can’t we just talk over coffee or a lunch? Can’t you just let me learn about you? Why are there so many games? Why so many steps? Well I brought this on myself, should have just let go.


8 thoughts on “Good Conversation

  1. What a timely post. I too waste too much time on lost people n I’m striving hard to not instigate contact, concern for people who don’t reflect my sense of openness, transparency and adventure.. I keep attracting Capricorn, Cancerian types.. So the opposite of my Aries fire.. Someone said to me.. Reciprocate affection but don’t instigate it.. Normally I’d disagree but for self protection, distance is needed to filter the nonsense from productive..

      • I don’t know much about signs. What signs do you tend to ask out? Maybe I should be dating within my acceptable signs 🙂 !

      • Well I generally don’t target certain signs but i am well aware of what signs work with my general nature. Sort of like knowing yourself an who can deal with you. Once I find out a sign I know what chances I generally have with them. Granted there are exceptions to the signs, an they often have no idea what you sign is. Most people think of Gemini as a dual headed monster lol, but it’s much more to us than that.

  2. Is it really a waste of time when you find out you’re incompatible?

    I know what you mean, though. It’s painful. And sometimes I wonder if I want to get enmeshed in something again. I try to take it slow and not invest too much. But that just draws it out doesn’t it?

    Maybe we should just get in there and do it… like ripping a band-aid off. It seems like that’s been your style. I admire it. My style is more of… let me pull this off bit by bit so it rips out every hair on my arm. It’s going to hurt but if I do it slowly it will be THAT much longer until I have to chance the pain again!

    • Well the minute you ask a woman out you are ripping off the band-aide lol. You have reached the point where it’s forever awkwardness or Happiness. AN I think it is a waste of time because generally the world isn’t like it used to be. When chasing the woman won you her hand, now chasing serves only the purpose of ruining it. If a woman says no I must just learn that there’s nothing I can do to change her mind. It’s always said that there are more fish in the sea, an sometimes we think we got the perfect fish but it hops into the air slaps you with its tail fin an swims away. Best not jump after it!

  3. Definitely don’t jump after it! My ex-husband was a Taurus (aka The Bull. I think the sign got that name because anyone who was born under it is full of bull$***!) Ok so I’m kidding because he’s not the only Taurus I dated.

    Hmm… maybe there’s a precursor to asking her out. I’m nervous when I get asked out by someone I don’t know very well but I’ve often been asked to go out with a man’s friends to a cook-out or baseball game or what-have-you and it’s been a great way to get to know him without staring down the barrell of the loaded wine glass at dinner.

    • Hmm you are on to something there! I tend to ask women to the movies an I plan on arriving early so we can chat it up in the car in line an before the movie. Problem is maybe this is to soon because a lot of women think of this as a legit date, while I consider it a relaxing environment to get to know each other. It always guarantees you have something to talk about before an after the movie.

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