The Death of Patience?

Hi how are you? How much do you enjoy nursing?…. 

Most boring dating site message ever! RIght ladies, even though I went through the trouble to read your entire profile an message you a legit question it’s just not eye catching enough. I understand you get 100,000 messages a day an they all look the same besides the picture of the guy on the heading. I understand that being shallow is rather common I also understand that dating online is like shopping at a meat market that only the female knows the price.

I’ll start with every no reply is a rejection. I understand your profile says you’re open minded an willing to try new things. Lets reword this really quick to say what she means…

I am open minded however you must fit into my box in order for me to give it a shot.. Defeats the purpose of the post. Oh an my personal favorite if you have a question feel free to ask me. Let me reword this to say what she really means….

If you have a question an met my standards then ask an maybe you will get a reply.

Maybe Im slightly bitter from the time I put in or the simple fact that I can use one line an get any woman to reply. Online dating has become the same normal dating except you aren’t even rejected to your face. Okay there was my rant its good to be back. An ladies if you have any comments please feel free to bash me or give me you point of view.


4 thoughts on “The Death of Patience?

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  2. I hate dating sites. I continue to watch my housemate struggle with them daily. He seems to be caught up in an endless cycle of joy > nerves > disappointment > frustration > anger. I know a lot of people have met through them, there’s a lot of success stories out there.

    Before I met the love of my life, I have been on quite a few dating sites. I’ve made a lot of friends through them. I’ve never actually found anyone I’d want to fall in love with. I have tried both paid ones and free ones, the difference in people is noticeable. I always made an effort to reply to the guys who made an effort to read my profile and respond in turn… most of the people I dated via the sites though are people that I chose, that I contacted first. I’m not sure if that’s standard procedure for women, I’m a domme though, so it was for me.

    You’re right though, when you describe it as a meatmarket. More so in the sense that a lot of people on those sites actually don’t know what it is they’re looking for and what it is that they want. Do you?

    • Yea I know exactly what I want but I also am open to try new things. I also did the paid sites for a while but I believe them to be scams. I would get no replies until it was close to time for resub then suddenly everyone was interested in me. So now I only do free an I put 0 effort into it because its more rejection than I want to handle especially since I have no idea why I’m being rejected. Best guess would be I’m ugly which I know I’m not lol.

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