In faith I Date

WARNING!! This is not a bashing of faith but more of a desire to understand some reasoning behind recent interactions…

The most commonly heard phrase that l have read or heard is I’m waiting on God to give me a man. I really don’t know how to take this phrase or I am focusing on God right now. They both sound a lot like the I am focusing on my career or more commonly I have a boyfriend. Should I add these to the book of little white lies women tell? I could place them on the lists of nice ways to say I’m not interested.. 

I could be completely wrong here but I was also raised to be a minister but I never remembered much about pre-marriage relationships. These answers sound like excuses for different personality flaws or quite possibly denial. I believe they we have to take the first steps, it’s highly unlikely that a light from heaven is going to shine down on a man an voice say this is the one for you. I have NEVER seen this happen, I have also seen a lot of christians divorce. What does this mean? Does it mean you picked before God shined the heavenly light on the right one? 

Religion is a touchy subject, but since I have been there an have seen very little in the Bible about dating I am curious as to where all these sayings an excuses are coming from.  Those are perhaps the two statements theres no comeback from, I mean if God didn’t shine the light on you then there must be zero hope an you don’t want to be the reason someone loses focus on God.

I often wonder that with the changing of society how would people reinterpret religion an the Bible. My take is not having a shiny light or an appfinity that a guy is the man for you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a chance. Asking God for a man is about as asking God for cold hard cash probably not going to happen. An if it does he may not be what you physically want an you will just once again pawn him off. 

So I ask you how do you interpet those two phrases?


6 thoughts on “In faith I Date

  1. Ok, to address the second portion: I think yes, some women really do want to focus on God. I am currently focusing on God. But if I met a great guy while focusing on God, I would actually be MORE interested instead of push him off. Because if I truly believe God answers prayers, that could be MY guy! So I think it can be an excuse, for sure. But not always. Some women have phases where they really don’t want to date ANYONE. I’ve never been that way. lol

    Now, as far as asking a God to send a man. I think that can be interpreted in different ways. I hope women aren’t expecting God to hand deliver a man to them on their front doorstep with a big red bow on his head and a tag that says, “Here you go. Love, God.” I think it’s ok to pray for a man– in the right context. For me it’s about praying that I’m ready when he comes. God’s timing is the perfect timing. While I might want a husband right now, apparently that’s not in the cards for me. I trust God will work it all out in His good time.

    • I can follow this an thank you for your input. It seems to be heavily a woman thing lol. I have never heard a guy say it. But how does one focus on God but still be open to a distraction. No matter to each his own 🙂

  2. I live in probably one of the most Christian countries in the world, Ireland. Here, no shops are open on Sundays, moral values are really high, abortion is illegal, all that jazz…. and I have honestly never ever heard any woman use either of those phrases.

    Truthfully, I’m not remotely religious so probably not best qualified to answer these questions. I was however raised a Roman Catholic. Nowadays, I’m agnostic. I’ve seen how religion can corrupt and destroy, but I’m not here to debate that. If I did believe, I’d say that God gave us free will and choice and it’s up to us to make our own decisions, not be handed them on a plate. You could pray to God to help you make the right choice, but ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

    • I understand what you are saying but the I am mostly talking about US women they tend to be the most difficult to deal with in dating. Which is generally why I am pretty sure I will marry a foreign woman in the end. I degress I don’t really believe we should be praying for things to make us happy when there so many other things that need ”prayer” seems kinda selfish an a little antichrist. I want to visit Ireland one day heard amazing things about it.

  3. I know girls that say these things. Waiting on God is usually a single girls go to line (I’m so guilty of this) it gives us an excuse for why we are still single when everyone else has someone.
    I do know that the whole “I’m dating Jesus” things is used as an excuse but only by those people too chicken to just turn a guy down but in other cases the girl could honestly need a break from the sating scene for spiritual reasons. Every girl is a different story and will have different reasons for saying what she says.

    • I think the most common issue is the little white lie.. That is why I am so quick to jump to te negative conclusion. Society seems to think it’s okay to tell a lie to spare someones feeling because lets face it we probably won’t see them again. However that is the very reason I went from a gentleman to more of a player, because women weren’t being honest. Once again not all women but most of them have that in common. Tell me the truth, that your not interested in me lol an I will move on. Tell me a lie an the girl after you is the one who reaps the benefits of that lie. Thank you for your input an honesty.

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