Lessons learned

Long gone are the days when me an my best friend would dress up as Grant an Lee for class reports.. When we would hang out an play together an dreamed of being war heroes. Our youth tore from us by this ugliness of racism that GROWN people taught us. It was amazing those times when I liked a white girl an didn’t think that my skin color was a problem for us. I have in remembrance of those days I have relinquished the title African American an will only identify myself as an American an human.


Dating websites

Why? you open up a dating profile an see physically attractive females everywhere. Mostly all of them have the I am trying something new status oorrr ask me a question and I will answer you. My personal favorite is I am open to try something different. Really? if this is the case then why don’t they reply to me? How am I not your type if your looking to try something different. How does this even make sense? Personally I think they put up profiles for the sole purpose of teasing men. They love the attention they get, it seems to empower them. There should be a rule against these things. Its frustrating to go through the pain of making a profile then wasting my time reading an then messaging the ones you are interested in. Are women not teases enough in real life? Why do they feel the need to tease me on a computer screen? I don’t know, maybe its my race but I get no success from these sites. Seeing they are the only thing I have time for. I have used pay sites which are worst actually. I am willig to think I play a roll in my unsuccessful attempts, but at the same time I only try the ones that are compatible with me. The whole process leaves me shrugging my shoulders.

Made for blacks

I am tired of made for black movies. The movies that star almost all black casts use terms like fried chicken an boy. These movies are a waste of time, yet people spend money on them everytime they come out. I used to be one of the typical black guys who saw what I thought to be a black history movie, an felt guilty or obligated to pay to support these movies. These movies do nothing but increase the sterotyping of Black people everywhere. We wonder why people ask us stupid questions regaurded to race, we bring it on ouselves. We give people these views with the movies we make an the music we produce. I feel more like an American when I choose the movie or music I want to listen to by the quality vs the race. I think we black people need to grow up and stop allowing smarter black people to exploit us with their trash movies and music.