Killing them Slowly

Gore gore gore…. A quick summary guy robs guy people kill guy an obama talking in the background.

The Bad

I thought this movie was painfully slow an predictable. There was a lot of talking LOTS of it that I felt they could have cut out for more action. What I gathered from the trailer it was going to be a extremely violent action packed hitman adventure. It didn’t even come close to that. I patiently waited through the frist part of the movie listening to all the chit chat thinking I would need to retain the information but found it mostly useless. There was a lot of cheesy effects that tried to entertain but they all fell short except one. If you see the movie you will know exactly what I’m talking about

The Good

Brad Pitt!! His acting was once again pretty much on point an I felt he really filled an brought life to his role. The acting in general was really good the characters were very believable. The acting alone kept me from leaving because I already knew how the movie would end. The one slow motion killing scene was amazing an the shot compostions was also on point. The movie did a great job of not using music to create tension instead at times they used the shot composition to set up the feel. An what was with the old cars? The mood was so retro yet it was set in the Obama era, I didn’t quite understand why.

The Ugly

The story was dry in itself weak twists an in my opinion one useless plot line that should have been scrapped an that effort put into a stronger plot twist. Obama an Bush in the background, why? Why are they there, what is the purpose if only to be used as a dialogue device at the end of the game. In all random!

The Fix

More action and a stronger story, less special effects an better plot twists. Get rid of the useless sex story line an maybe a little better pacing.. LESS talking an a reason to care, I couldn’t quite find anyone to rout for in the movie which made it flat to me.

Join me next time when I take on Lincoln I am dying to see it!



Must Write Now!

I am a idea machine! Explosions, love, hate, suppression, dedication are all words used to describe my thinking. At every moment of the day there are thousands of stories running through my head. Blasting down the walls of my sanity an seeping into the depths of my soul. The problem is one idea breeds another, an another. This continues forever, an I can’t seem to focus on one at a time. When I close my eyes I can see them there spawning an  recreating, evolving an ruining my life. So I made this blog with the intention of clearing out every tiny idea when it comes before it gets the chance to breed an expand.

There are novels I would like to write, but when I start one another one pops up. There are screenplays that I think people would love to see, but I can’t seem to focus on that either. There is a million things I would love to try, but they come and fade away as more thoughts occur. Somehow I have to get this insanity to stop. I have to get it all out of my head!

The beat down man

I know a lot of men myself included, that are tired. I know a lot of good men that don’t seem to have a fighting chance. I am like that, at some point I guess I lost my sense of respect for the opposite sex. I have stood by an watched as good men are shot down for one terrible reason, they are to nice. I don’t get it really. but then again I do. We as humans claim to be evolved but I guess the way a woman picks her mate is no different than a lioness on the safari. So what the solution must be to walk around like a alpha lion roaring at the top of your lungs as the lionesses rush in to surrender to your ultra manliness. Do we just attempt to kill off the competition?  I know these men that don’t roar go unseen or end up getting used. Most have just given up on the hunt, an accepted surrender. Wait an this is where a woman says, We don’t want a man that quits that easy! Well how much should he have to try before utter defeat slaps him to the ground! Before just looking at women scares him? Are women to blame? Are their indecisiveness the root of this problem. I tell women, hey I want to change myself to be more attractive to women. They normally say be yourself.. Well that obviously don’t work, if it did we wouldn’t be single now. I have learned that taking a woman’s advice is like asking a normal four year whats the full answer to pie. They have no idea, they have no idea what they want in a man. You could ask them an they will tell you, you could do what shes looking for to a science an she still will make up an excuse for why she can’t date you. I find that the situation seems hopeless and the stress is far past the worth.

Made for blacks

I am tired of made for black movies. The movies that star almost all black casts use terms like fried chicken an boy. These movies are a waste of time, yet people spend money on them everytime they come out. I used to be one of the typical black guys who saw what I thought to be a black history movie, an felt guilty or obligated to pay to support these movies. These movies do nothing but increase the sterotyping of Black people everywhere. We wonder why people ask us stupid questions regaurded to race, we bring it on ouselves. We give people these views with the movies we make an the music we produce. I feel more like an American when I choose the movie or music I want to listen to by the quality vs the race. I think we black people need to grow up and stop allowing smarter black people to exploit us with their trash movies and music.