Open to Comments!

You open your heart to the world, you pour out your soul in your blog. You hope someone sees it an perhaps has the answer, maybe a bit of reassurance. Hours go by an not one comment! Maybe a like an only 11 views. You know people are reading but what can you do to get them to comment? You try an encourage them by asking a question at the end. You state an opinion an request feed back, but still no dice. I have found that the best way to get comments is to say something outrageous, something unbelievable. Something that makes readers look back and an say what in the hell? You must say something that bothers people convictions an calls their morals into question. While sure this maybe hard to do, but if you writing is direct or offensive someone will comment. Some soul will make their opinion known. So I say this go out there! Write about how you love abortion, write about how all men are dogs an people will respond. Likes are over rated, comments is where the fun interaction is!


You Read Me Wrong

She is a total bytch! He is such a man whore! These two statements run through our minds all the time as we watch people on a day to day basis. We judge people by what we have seen in our past. We all are guilty even myself. I assume that every woman is crazy, which many will say to be true. I also assume that all women are the same a lot which is not true to a certain point. These assumption cause me to handle women differently. I fully expect them to run at the sign of generosity an cling at the first sign of money. Which is not true, there are some women that embrace their feminine power an use it to make men bow to their wants an needs then there are others who insist on being one of the guys. Which I may add that at no point is a woman ever one of the guys, this is an illusion painted by women so that she could have men in her friend zone without them being keen on it. I have found that women are perfectly content with being friends, while men on the other hand are not.

All men are the same! another misconception by women. This comes from the past experiences with bad men, causing women to constantly be on their defense. While all men are the same in some of the very basics of a mans nature, we are by no means carbon copies. Women seem to also think men are complicated. Well we aren’t, we are very basic an oblivious to the world around us at times. We don’t have psychic powers an sometimes we aren’t very perceptive of emotions.

I say all that to say this, everyday we punish people before we know them with our preconceived judgements. We should give everyone a chance to be themselves. Then we wouldn’t need thousands of books to teach us who to interact with the opposite sex.