Foreign Connection

There I sat on the hostel chair checking my facebook updates an relaxing before my next adventure. I had just descended Mt Fuji an my body was on the mend. “Is that a cat making that noise”? the girl across from me asked, Lol I don’t know but its highly ignoring I replied, still zoned out on my mobile.

   I soon became bored an decided to engage the stranger across from me. I started by checking her out a bit, she was ruffled from the hostel life. Her hair was down an a little on the unkept side, but more stylish than just plain unkept. It fell over her face doen past her shoulders. She had pretty eyes an petite features, so I judged her as average. 

    “So why are you in Japan?” I asked. “I’m going to climb Mount Fuji tomorrow” she replied. After that moment we chatted an laughed about our adventures in Japan so far. So we both decided to go grab dinner at the local Japanese restaurant. Neither one of us spoke Japanese, but we were travelers an had overcome language barriers long ago . We laugh an discussed the different foods we had tasted while there, our experiences with the native people.

Soon the conversation shifted to our past, future an just other thoughts we were having. As she spoke I sense a certain familiarity with her,  as a girl from boston she had been to all the same states an places I had been to. It was like hearing myself speaking from across the table. How could someone so like myself have crossed my path? How cruel yet beautiful is life to cross our paths together. I didn’t know it at the time as our eye contact increased an our smiles became wider that I was forming something, something that is beautiful an a curse in itself.

  We moved on from the restaurant, to the supermarket where we did some shopping for her mountain hike the next day. We continued to chat about ourselves an how she was moving on to business school in another state. “I know what you need, some peanut butter” I stated. “Oh my God I always take peanut butter on hikes” she exclaimed. Long story short, we found the peanut butter, I tasted octopus for the first time with her an we walked home together in the rain. 

  Back at the hostel we went our separate ways as she had to hike in the morning. The next morning she was nowhere to be seen, so I spent the day with a french guy I had met that night. She eventually came home where she said she had made it to the top an soon after went to bed. I didn’t see her again that day or the next.

  I sat at the bus stop on my way back to Tokyo, I had just traded my tickets in for a earlier bus hoping to get a chance to spend time in Akiba before I got on the plane home. When I heard a familiar voice, “Hey I didn’t know you was heading back today” she stated. Here she was again randomly taking the same path as me. Once again we chatted an spoke about backers life. The bus came she got on an I made my way to the back. As the bus rode along I sat in my seat thinking maybe I should give her my number. Maybe this is meant to be, as I thought these thoughts she turned around smiled an waved at me. I made up my mind that I would indeed give her my number also I would give her my handy travel book with Tokyo maps an Japanese language helpers. I wrote the number in the back of the book an went to sleep.

  We arrived in Shibuya Tokyo an got off the bus, we talked for a bit an then it hit me. For some reason I wouldn’t give her my number. For some reason this would be it, we would go our separate ways in the world. She would head to the Philippines an me back to Arizona. This was the way it was meant to be. This would be the magic in my life, that knowing that someone out there was like me. “So this is the goodbye then?” she asked “yes,”I said sadly. We hugged…. 


Open to Comments!

You open your heart to the world, you pour out your soul in your blog. You hope someone sees it an perhaps has the answer, maybe a bit of reassurance. Hours go by an not one comment! Maybe a like an only 11 views. You know people are reading but what can you do to get them to comment? You try an encourage them by asking a question at the end. You state an opinion an request feed back, but still no dice. I have found that the best way to get comments is to say something outrageous, something unbelievable. Something that makes readers look back and an say what in the hell? You must say something that bothers people convictions an calls their morals into question. While sure this maybe hard to do, but if you writing is direct or offensive someone will comment. Some soul will make their opinion known. So I say this go out there! Write about how you love abortion, write about how all men are dogs an people will respond. Likes are over rated, comments is where the fun interaction is!

Death of Prejudice

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
Mark Twain

The Moment

These are the moments I knew that I was different.

When I convinced my middle school teacher to buy me a gigapet for Christmas

When I won Accelerated Reader and Presidential physical fitness award in the same year.

When in detention in the back of an honors class I raised my hand when none of the honor students knew the answer.

When I was asked for candy during class I decided to start a business by selling candy.

When me an my best friend Dressed as General Grant an he as General Lee for our Civil War presentation.

When I was removed from remediation class an put in all honor classes.

When I found out that my parents was coming to see my teacher in a few weeks an churned out 20 poems on which all I got A on.

When I sat on the plane as I was getting shot at an felt no fear.

These are some of the moments in my life which made me realize I was different.

What makes you different?

Walking Away

The closer I get

The farther I seem

The thoughts in my head

What the hell do they mean

green pastures I chased

My past I erased

Erased from memory

Erased because they swallow

Drown me, Down me, Surround me

Inside out they eat me

I cant figure out what they mean to me

I hope for someone to believe me

save me from myself, this whirlpool

but this all old news,

I turn an walk

away from me

away from the past that never seems to leave me

it sticks like glue, what am I to do

what direction to take, new mistakes I do make

I have lost all faith


alone in my room

crowded in my mind, I stare hard but am I missing the signs

I wanted you needed you

to clear my head to make sense of all that I dread.

But I walk away

from this thing you called love

This feeling of want that flew away like the African morning dove

beautiful face cold in heart you plunged me even deeper into my own locked away heart

So I walked away

forever never to look back

locked away my heart turned off my belief and awoke from my dreams

You say what does all this mean

I walked towards the path I can’t yet see

all I know is you are no longer part  of me.


Tears of the Past


Run down my cheek, Blood pours out my heart

Mind dormant brain in shock, My nervous system quakes

From deep slumber I awake.

Tears of blood, leaves trails of stains of blood shed in vain

Inside I creak, like a rusty door I squeak. reek,

reek of desolation in my mind a burning sensation, truth is awakened

the wrong path I have taken, my choices were mistaken,

most importantly my trust was misplaced.

Tears of Pain inside I feel shame.. I have forsaken,

My claim to life drifts away, I stare on in spite with nothing left to say.

That I ignored, has ripped my soul, torn me from sleep, the holes in my spirit do leak

Leak Tears, Tears of anger, hate an remorse. I have only one choice, to stay this course. My eyes are open, vision clouded. The blood stained trails flow to my soul, Now is the time to break this mold…


We stood hand an hand eyes locked in a loving embrace. A cold wind stings my cheek as I stare down into her icy blue eyes. I gently smile as the calming sounds of the night brace us. I can see my hopes an dreams, my love an passion in her soul. Her eyes search deep into the depths of my mind. I feel a flutter in my heart an she shivers slightly from the cold. I slowly raise my hand to feel the softness of her cheeks. As my hand touch her face, her soft peach like skin begins to harden an slowly blacken before my eyes. Her gaze never leaves me, the flutter in my heart starts to burn. Her faces continues to melt away an her body dissolves to ash. The cold wind howls in an wisps her away. As the last of her floats away a smile forms on her lips. I am left staring at what I thought to be my only desire in this world. I hear a laugh from deep within my soul, an the same laugh floats on the wind. I hear a voice riding low upon the wind it speaks.. Love is an illusion, impossible to touch an even harder to feel, when u think you found it an have in ur grasp, its only for a moment because it soon will disappear….