Open to Comments!

You open your heart to the world, you pour out your soul in your blog. You hope someone sees it an perhaps has the answer, maybe a bit of reassurance. Hours go by an not one comment! Maybe a like an only 11 views. You know people are reading but what can you do to get them to comment? You try an encourage them by asking a question at the end. You state an opinion an request feed back, but still no dice. I have found that the best way to get comments is to say something outrageous, something unbelievable. Something that makes readers look back and an say what in the hell? You must say something that bothers people convictions an calls their morals into question. While sure this maybe hard to do, but if you writing is direct or offensive someone will comment. Some soul will make their opinion known. So I say this go out there! Write about how you love abortion, write about how all men are dogs an people will respond. Likes are over rated, comments is where the fun interaction is!


The Chase

Chase or be chased that is the question. For years I have been taught, read, an told that you must chase a woman if you want her. I have found that this wrong in a lot of instances. I have attempted to chase women only for them to run away. Typically if a woman is running, it’s best to leave her be. So what is to be done? Get her to chase you! Yes, turn the tables and things get a bit more interesting. A woman chasing you tends to know what she wants. The same fear that runs through veins when you try an close the deal is now running through hers. She is more willing to take chances, an speed things up. I speak from experience, when getting chased by a woman you know your options. You don’t have to worry about her losing interest in you, which is common when you are the one chasing. Be the ball rubbed with cat-nip that hangs just out of her reach. Drive her crazy, make her think about her every move. It will feel weird, but in the end you will feel like the prize and value yourself even more.

Death of Prejudice

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
Mark Twain


The life of a man is spent fishing. We are constantly casting our lines into open waters trying to catch a fish. Some of us are born great fishermen an are extremely successful at it. While some just put a earth worm on the line an hope for the best. The lake’s water is deep and packed with fish. We can see them swimming past or bait. Some stop for a nibble, while others slowly suck the worm right off. As fishermen you are conditioned to think that fish get tired of the same old bait, but isn’t true. Fish prefer the big flashy lures that they chase through the pond. They chase an chase until they get hooked, but the bait that just dangles there gets eaten an the fisherman has to reel it in an re-bait. So in a lake with so many fish an so many fishing lines, it’s not uncommon for fishermen to just stop casting the line in. Hoping that one day the fish will find him. While this is highly unlikely it’s been rumored to happen. With such low odds of catching what you was fishing for if you aren’t a natural, what is he to do? Well I have resorted to casting multiple lines at once. Hoping this will increase my odds by a decent margin. So while my lines sink deep into the lake, I will sit an read a good book and enjoy the waiting part of life. After all that is all I have, the wait.

Dating websites

Why? you open up a dating profile an see physically attractive females everywhere. Mostly all of them have the I am trying something new status oorrr ask me a question and I will answer you. My personal favorite is I am open to try something different. Really? if this is the case then why don’t they reply to me? How am I not your type if your looking to try something different. How does this even make sense? Personally I think they put up profiles for the sole purpose of teasing men. They love the attention they get, it seems to empower them. There should be a rule against these things. Its frustrating to go through the pain of making a profile then wasting my time reading an then messaging the ones you are interested in. Are women not teases enough in real life? Why do they feel the need to tease me on a computer screen? I don’t know, maybe its my race but I get no success from these sites. Seeing they are the only thing I have time for. I have used pay sites which are worst actually. I am willig to think I play a roll in my unsuccessful attempts, but at the same time I only try the ones that are compatible with me. The whole process leaves me shrugging my shoulders.

Made for blacks

I am tired of made for black movies. The movies that star almost all black casts use terms like fried chicken an boy. These movies are a waste of time, yet people spend money on them everytime they come out. I used to be one of the typical black guys who saw what I thought to be a black history movie, an felt guilty or obligated to pay to support these movies. These movies do nothing but increase the sterotyping of Black people everywhere. We wonder why people ask us stupid questions regaurded to race, we bring it on ouselves. We give people these views with the movies we make an the music we produce. I feel more like an American when I choose the movie or music I want to listen to by the quality vs the race. I think we black people need to grow up and stop allowing smarter black people to exploit us with their trash movies and music.