Loving the dance?

I’m warning you I’m not an easy catch! That’s what she said to me today. First a little history on Mizz K. A few months back I started an experiment which I detailed in a previous post. Well she was part of this experiment an I had given up on her after she blew me off on the first date without even a call. However I am a curious person an was oft told by my parents that curiosity killed the cat. I had to find out why she would just blow me off after saying yes. So I work with this young lady so I had to dance correctly in order to not turn the whole workplace awkward. After much hard work I got to the bottom of the issue, she didn’t like me like that! So we agreed to be friends, I secretly agreed to not give up on getting a shot at her. So I would say things that friends wouldn’t say to her got her number an started texting her. First we would text to about 11 or 12 then suddenly we were up to 4am every night for a week, texting about sex relationships playing games ect. She then wanted to make up the movie to me an after the movie we hugged.


I leave in 2 weeks to go away for military training for about 6 months. She is a virgin, never been in a serious relationship. We know each other an our conversation become a battle of wit an constant reading each other while flirting an learning more. She wants to let what happen happen, an I know better than rush a woman into a decision. We have a lot planned with each other over the next few weeks before I leave an she will be learning skype so we can video chat. I think its important that I kiss her before I go to make that sexual connection. I know I have fallen for her an she doesn’t know how she feels about me. She says I’m growing on her an she loved the hug. So now I wait an see what will become of this. We have chemistry an one last thing… Did I mention she to is a Gemini?


Tears of the Past


Run down my cheek, Blood pours out my heart

Mind dormant brain in shock, My nervous system quakes

From deep slumber I awake.

Tears of blood, leaves trails of stains of blood shed in vain

Inside I creak, like a rusty door I squeak. reek,

reek of desolation in my mind a burning sensation, truth is awakened

the wrong path I have taken, my choices were mistaken,

most importantly my trust was misplaced.

Tears of Pain inside I feel shame.. I have forsaken,

My claim to life drifts away, I stare on in spite with nothing left to say.

That I ignored, has ripped my soul, torn me from sleep, the holes in my spirit do leak

Leak Tears, Tears of anger, hate an remorse. I have only one choice, to stay this course. My eyes are open, vision clouded. The blood stained trails flow to my soul, Now is the time to break this mold…