In faith I Date

WARNING!! This is not a bashing of faith but more of a desire to understand some reasoning behind recent interactions…

The most commonly heard phrase that l have read or heard is I’m waiting on God to give me a man. I really don’t know how to take this phrase or I am focusing on God right now. They both sound a lot like the I am focusing on my career or more commonly I have a boyfriend. Should I add these to the book of little white lies women tell? I could place them on the lists of nice ways to say I’m not interested.. 

I could be completely wrong here but I was also raised to be a minister but I never remembered much about pre-marriage relationships. These answers sound like excuses for different personality flaws or quite possibly denial. I believe they we have to take the first steps, it’s highly unlikely that a light from heaven is going to shine down on a man an voice say this is the one for you. I have NEVER seen this happen, I have also seen a lot of christians divorce. What does this mean? Does it mean you picked before God shined the heavenly light on the right one? 

Religion is a touchy subject, but since I have been there an have seen very little in the Bible about dating I am curious as to where all these sayings an excuses are coming from.  Those are perhaps the two statements theres no comeback from, I mean if God didn’t shine the light on you then there must be zero hope an you don’t want to be the reason someone loses focus on God.

I often wonder that with the changing of society how would people reinterpret religion an the Bible. My take is not having a shiny light or an appfinity that a guy is the man for you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a chance. Asking God for a man is about as asking God for cold hard cash probably not going to happen. An if it does he may not be what you physically want an you will just once again pawn him off. 

So I ask you how do you interpet those two phrases?


Denial ends now

Lets get this straight….

You fell in love with someone who didn’t love you back. How did you expect that to end?

You chased the man or woman who wasn’t interested in you, now you you wonder why they left you. How do people expect these plotlines to end? Maybe they will see you for who you are an fall for you. Maybe they will be so taken with you persistance that they will confess their undying love for you. Maybe they will see you as you really are.. A human following human nature to get what looks impossible to get.

You see them as a prize, they see you as a predator.. scary huh? Yep that what it looks like a lion chasing a meer cat down an ripping it into shreds. We tend to be blind to reality, but maybe we are looking to defy it. Maybe we think that we will be the exception that movies are written about. The supervillan that somehow survives the onslaught.

True when you go for the impossible it almost seems worth it. Without great risk comes no reward right? Does that count when you dealing with courting? Maybe there should be a disclaimer on some of the quotes out there.

If at first you don’t succeed try try again.. that’s called stalking

Don’t stop pushing till you get what you want.. that’s called rape

Let’s just take a look at how life an dating are different. In a world where not trying is the same as failing an trying to hard lands you in jail. Maybe we should take it slow.. Just saying

You Read Me Wrong

She is a total bytch! He is such a man whore! These two statements run through our minds all the time as we watch people on a day to day basis. We judge people by what we have seen in our past. We all are guilty even myself. I assume that every woman is crazy, which many will say to be true. I also assume that all women are the same a lot which is not true to a certain point. These assumption cause me to handle women differently. I fully expect them to run at the sign of generosity an cling at the first sign of money. Which is not true, there are some women that embrace their feminine power an use it to make men bow to their wants an needs then there are others who insist on being one of the guys. Which I may add that at no point is a woman ever one of the guys, this is an illusion painted by women so that she could have men in her friend zone without them being keen on it. I have found that women are perfectly content with being friends, while men on the other hand are not.

All men are the same! another misconception by women. This comes from the past experiences with bad men, causing women to constantly be on their defense. While all men are the same in some of the very basics of a mans nature, we are by no means carbon copies. Women seem to also think men are complicated. Well we aren’t, we are very basic an oblivious to the world around us at times. We don’t have psychic powers an sometimes we aren’t very perceptive of emotions.

I say all that to say this, everyday we punish people before we know them with our preconceived judgements. We should give everyone a chance to be themselves. Then we wouldn’t need thousands of books to teach us who to interact with the opposite sex.